Place Management - Congress Heights
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Working in conjunction with individual property owners and businesses, the Congress Heights Partnership will commit to enhancing the experience of a welcoming and inviting place with a variety of activities and projects. It will focus most immediately on ensuring that the area is clean, safe, and friendly. This will include activities such as:

• Sidewalk cleaning
• Trash collection
• Litter removal
• Tree box maintenance

• Graffiti removal

• Regular communication with MPD
• Snow and ice removal
• Maintenance of elements in the public streetscape needing repair

Program staff, hired from Congress Heights and surrounding neighborhoods, will be trained in hospitality services as well, so that they can provide direction and information about the area to visitors. The program will also connect with other training opportunities through CHCTDC, including the possibility of training local residents for security and hospitality jobs at the new arena.

Additionally, as part of the place management program, the partnership will engage with city agencies to ensure that the area receives the highest level of attention for its basic services, concerns and community priorities.

The partnership will also pay attention to the mix of retail stores and, where appropriate, work with individual property owners to assist in either retaining or recruiting retailers who will help contribute to the desirability of the area as a neighborhood hub.

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