Strategy & Goals - Congress Heights
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Working with a team of consultants who specialize in equitable development and place management, CHCTDC embarked on six-month community outreach process to develop a plan built around the following goals:

Out of this planning process, the team developed the framework for a new entity, the Congress Heights Partnership, to advance these goals. Combining existing CHCTDC funding streams with new public and private sources, the Congress Heights Partnership seeks to deliver a higher level of programming and services aimed at improving the neighborhood while sustaining broad community buy-in and support. Governed by a board of directors representing its stakeholders and financial contributors, the Congress Heights Partnership represents a novel approach to neighborhood revitalization efforts that can often be atomized and under-resourced. The plan is based on an integrated approach to place based economic development in which marketing, events, public realm enhancement and improved maintenance of public spaces all drive toward a shared vision for a thriving, inclusive and vibrant neighborhood.


The Congress Heights Partnership will seek to:

  • Coordinate efforts to ensure that existing residents and businesses benefit from new development and increased prosperity;
  • Showcase the area’s unique recreation and community assets;
  • Create more spaces to showcase Congress Heights contributions to DC’s cultureand identity;
  • Improve the area’s parks and public spaces, creating more inviting places for neighborhood gathering and community building;
  • Bring programs and resources to bear on making Congress Heights a center for African American arts and entrepreneurship;
  • Diversify and strengthen neighborhood retail and services;
  • Bring more job opportunities and neighborhood amenities to existing residents;
  • Improve the perception of the Congress Heights commercial area;
  • Increase visitation to area attractions and businesses;
  • Increase sales and occupancy along the neighborhood’s commercial corridors;
  • Link new developments to the existing commercial area; and
  • Raise the stature of the area with public sector leaders and agency directors.
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